Chapter 2: Page 46

Chapter 2: Page 46
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Sovember 15th Sep 2018, 6:18 AM edit delete
When courage is punished, bad luck Makana :(. Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

Jason Moon
What a shot! Looks like one of the newbs are done for....
Wolf gang haven't been in action for a while but their skills are slowly coming back :D!

And yeah it's not looking good for Makana :(
this guy is a complete monster i knew he was holding back but damn theyre screwed i cant see this ending well, i keep saying it but they gotta run forget the newbie its war gotta be realistic
You’re completely right! Rakshasa is one of the most messed up Sophists amd also one of the strongest...

its gonna be a nightmare for sure if they dont split...
Oh, no. Not the clown stampede!
The clown stampede is the worst way to go!! Lmao
Haha I love your conciseness xD.

And Oh I certainly hope not :S
oh damn..
It just got real D:!
Dera Nuel
I might have said it before. But I really love the villains in this comic. Their personalities, appearances, everything.
Thanks so much man!! That means a lot they're probably one of the my favorite parts of the comic as they really cause pretty much all the chaos in the story :))
Does Rakshasha really need to resort to hostage taking? If he's as bad as he purports to be I mean? Or does something about this reek of Mephlike deception?
Oh yeah your right on with that question! he does do hostage taking a lot anything to manipulate people into playing his games, hes probably not as complex a deceiver as Meph though. Also he usually he lets monsters kill people for him...but when he does decide to kill someone...its...very bad xD
Tense moment, Rakshasa is a hostage taker.
It's....going to get worse LOL