Chapter 2: Page 45

Chapter 2: Page 45
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A bloody battle commences...and Rakshasa was not trying last time! Thanks for reading :)! See ya Friday for a long one...

Jason Moon
We should have figured he was toying with them. What a sinister being!
Oh yeah he’s beyond messed up! He’s super strong but plays with his food.

We’ll see a good bit of how far he’ll go ...unfortunately D:
Dera Nuel
He's like prolonging the inevitable end. Making them fight even when they do not stand a chance.
Oh yeah he's a complete sadistic beast D:.

Hopefully our heroes can find a way out of this mess...cause tbh he's on of the nastiest sophists!
He looks quite confident, this will not be easy.

he *is* wearing a mask. so who knows, maybe he's actually shivering from fear behind it :P
Haha that's a very interesting analysis...and you can never know with the sophists especially the ones that wear could be completely correct but they'll never show it lol
Thankfully he didnt finish that Samuel L Jackson catchphrase xD
After the flashback I've grown to like Tarantula more. Hopefully this is not her demise.
Man I'm really glad to hear that especially since I'm never sure how the flashbacks come across haha. We'll see more of Tara for sure can't wait to continue her quirky antics XD