Chapter 2: Page 43

Chapter 2: Page 43
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damn so that dudes immotal? yeah they gotta get the hell outta there or their done i think the thing with these guys is that theyre not super strong but can keep coming back or who knows either way its time to gtfo of this hell hole
really glad to get your theories man :D! Yeah they're sorta immortal in a really weird way as you've already seen the heathens are sort of like people being "possessed" by the sophists so they live on in other people's head (not metaphorically lol).

Oh yeah they gotta get the heck outta there!
Actually, how do you know that new heathens are still being made? Maybe all the ones you've seen are from before Incubus died...
I'm really glad you caught that and you're on the money! Actually Meph even said so back at the end of chapter one. When he was fighting Lavavoth he said there's no way they killed off all the heathens, but this specter and all the philosophers were pretty confident that they killed them all off so they assume it has to be someone making "new" heathens..

Well see what becomes of that assumption haha
Dera Nuel
I'm I the only one hoping that Incubus is somehow alive.
Hahaha me and you both man Incubus is one of my favorite characters xD

what I can say for sure is that this isn't the last time we'll see him in the story in some form or the other :))
Jason Moon
Does that mean that Incubus isn't in his original body and has used many vessels?
Oh man thats a great theory and very possible dude! Incubus was super strong and creative that could have easily been an option.

We will see something quite shocking eventually I can say that :D
yes, breaking the rules of the villain's game is the only way to win.
So true! I've never seen a hero just willingly comply and submit to the rules and demands of a villain (unless they had to or for strategy)...probably for good reason that would be a very short story ah xD

"What do we do Luke, there's too many of 'em!"

"Bah sh*t happens Han, let's do what they want." Lmao
I just sort of thought of something... While we've mostly seen one example of heathens, this coming up again, and Tara having been pegged by the sophists. I hope that's not bad news, trying to think if there are other Sophists we haven't seen that could be culpable.
Ahhh man I'm really glad you guys are going in so many places with the heathen theories :). You're very right there can easily have been something...sketchy that took place during that flashback. What I can say is it's a pretty important one in terms of the story!

And yeah another good point the sophists we haven't seen could also be many possibilities... they won't stay in the dark forever though ;)
Interesting concept. The sophists appear to be up to something similar to a dark cult. And unfortunately it looks like the immortality has already taken affect.
Thanks a lot!!

Ah man you've got it..they're really shady and sketchy group, most notably Meph of course XD