Chapter 2: Page 42

Chapter 2: Page 42
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News: Page coming out soon! It's...gigantic...LOL

so meph isnt as bad as i thought, nah hes probably faking it but you can never know with this guy. thats the monster that ripped out thats dude heart turn around mofos!
Hahaha awesome that you’re so on top of Mephs ambiguous nature!

Yes indeed that specter is back ...not good news at all o__o
dubiz senju
Wooh! Meph was really interested in bringing Tara into the ranks of the sophists, an offer of immortality is difficult to refuse though Tara is still just a little girl
Exactly man! Meph really wanted Tara in the group , but she was too afraid of them apparently...

Still immortality..sounds pretty darn awesome hehe
Dera Nuel
Ha. Now he's surely got her.
He pulled the immortality card!! its over for her now xDD
Jason Moon
Join my crazy family little Tara! :}
We have lots of candy! Mwhahah xD
Awww, poor girl is peak Woobie :(
isn't she though!? haha
Sure, living forever sounds great at first!
Right?! I'm sure it would get beyond boring haha.
This seems to be a step towards figuring out a greater mystery. Baby Tara is adorable and innocent, what have these monsters done haha
Ahh yes you got it. This is a hint towards a bigger narrative indeed :). Meph is a big part of all the mysteries in the comic. And yes indeed, Tara before she became a killer D: