Chapter 2: Page 41

Chapter 2: Page 41
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News: Page comin' out soon :). Colorin' might be an hour or so late, busy week!

Makin' a lil spider cry i can't lie!

This flashbacks entering it's last part wooh! Can't wait to draw the rest of this chapter honestly been lookin forward to some stuff.Thanks for reading!

*sigh* the mob.. *sigh*
The mob mentality... the most classic form of frustration ;(
Dera Nuel
Well you can't be special if you're like everyone else. So it's okay to be mixed breed Tara.
So true! She has access to to both sides.

She should get the “Im a mixed blood and proud” shirt LOL
so meph is going to ask her to join the crew, but it didnt go through with that obviously so i wonder what will go down hopefully not anything thatll mess tara up
You're on the mark! Tara's bout to get an offer from Meph...question is will she also get some more trauma :x
Scheme upon scheme upon scheme with Meph. I’m sure there may have been a specific reason, maybe the one pointed out, that Tara was picked.
Definitely a labyrinth of schemes when it comes to Meph haha! You're definitely right that while Meph comes across as whimsical, he almost always has some sort of bigger picture thing going on in the background. :)