Chapter 2: Page 40

Chapter 2: Page 40
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Sovember 1st Sep 2018, 4:18 AM edit delete
Bebe Tara!

Also fun side note, she doesn't have those dark bags under her eyes because the Abyssians get them at a certain age.

Jason Moon
I wonder if there is anyone who has unlimited potentiality? Man, little Tara is sooooo cute!!!! :3
You might be onto a really important plot point :)).

I know right!? I couldnt draw her straight the entire time, cuteness overload xD
finally. downed this crazy story all caught up . i really like the characters on both sides. This stuffs been crazy i love meph hes like the joker and i want to see what happens to tarantula now
Wooh! Welcome to the present, glad ya made it through it all man xD. Aww man really glad you like the characters, even the sophists apparently as dastardly as they are :).

Tara's bout to meet ol Mephy, what could go wrong? o_o
..and then there's the master ring to control them all :P
Bow down to the rings!

If there's a master key, there's gotta be a master ring xD
I suppose Incubus is right on the money. Tara is more creative than pretty much everyone here.
Haha yup! Tara's super creative, arguably one of the most creative in wolf gang, least we can applaud Incubus here xD
Dera Nuel
Cute little Tara. Before she became she became a spider. I'm guessing She's the one with the highest potentiality around here.
Haha the little tiny spider! Yup she's the highest potentiality in the audience there easily :)
Love all the tie-in lore here. Been a while since we talked about protos! Also, I love the idea of Tara being picked for this as a kid!
Thanks! Yeah I wanted a refresher here and hopefully tie together a lot of stuff I alluded to in Chapter 1 :). Plus since this flashback is a huge tsunami of talky talky decided it'd be the best time before the action returns xD