Chapter 2: Page 38

Chapter 2: Page 38
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Sovember 28th Aug 2018, 3:24 AM edit delete
And we meet the last Sophist in this flashback. (At least that we havent seen before) Aamon is the guy who lit up the entire city on fire in Chapter One's flashback. Our spiderfriend is coming soon xP. Thanks for reading!

firin' it up. don't know wth is going on but I like it.
Lolol. Glad to hear it xD Thanks for subbing man! Hope you stick around :)
Should have saved some time and just lit Aamon on fire.

Use him like a human molotov cocktail.
Now that would have been much more efficient!!

Plus he’s just proved he’s great at flying through the air lol
Amon seems like the kind of guy who'd get along with a certain other villain I know who's name also starts with an A. =D

I really love the different philosophies of the Sophists. Very clear cut too! They're clearly dedicated to their respective ideologies. =P
Hahaha yess!! I do believe Aamon and Amir would pretty much be bestest buddies lol! I gotta fanart both of them doing something one day xD

Thanks so much man!! I did want to make them very devoted to their respective beliefs :))
Jason Moon
awww man! A fight amongst baddie comrades. That was fun to watch him punched into a house, Aamon is heated now
Haha the craziest fights are when the bad guys fight among themselves right? Glad to hear it was fun to watch man! Hope I can make the serious fight scenes in the future fun too :)
Dera Nuel
I was really hoping Aamon would get punched. So thank you Asty.
He is gonna be a pretty annoying in the future, glad he got punched already right lol
The sophists are such a colorful group.
WOOH thanks :D, I wanted them to be colorful literally and figuratively XD