Chapter 2: Page 36

Chapter 2: Page 36
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Sovember 23rd Aug 2018, 5:36 AM edit delete
Mephy Meph being Meph. And with that he's actually said most of what he's going to say to this audience believe it or not! The strangeness has...yet to begin xD. Thanks for reading! See ya Friday.

Interesting speech - though I notice very few of those audience members actually became high-ranking sophists at all...
Meph always says something colorful you cant deny that haha. Really glad you caught that and its a great point! They might have succeeded in setting the city on fire .but as to whether anyone in the crowd really benefitted...
the sophists are dead, their ideas live on. can't kill ideas. or, it's very hard at least, there's always someone who remembers.
Another great point! Its like that quote from the dark knight huh? Ideas really cant be killed , no matter how many figure heads you cut off, the hydra keeps regenerating...
dubiz senju
Why am I not surprised meph is so good with words! It would be difficult if not impossible to erase such ideas
He's always spewing some crazy cool symphony of words huh haha!

I completely agree, it's hard to forget a lot of Meph's provocative ideas...I'm sure Tarantuala would love to forget them lol
Dera Nuel
Brain washing at its peak.
hes a master at it !!
I'd Believe Meph more if it wasn't for the get-up and sneaky ear-to-ear grin. O_o
He’s definitely close to being a completely trustworthy conman xD
I enjoy Meph as a villain, he's intriguing and conniving in a fun way. Lets see what his relation to Tara is.
Ahh you got Meph on lock...he's definitely the craziest character in the story bar none XD