Chapter 2: Page 35

Chapter 2: Page 35
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News: Page coming out soon! Just colorin

Time for a flashback™ with lots of important characters™ Batman! Thanks for reading!

Fun note: This city is still underground in the abyss, the dark sky is perpetual and artificial!

dubiz senju Tara knows how to connect the pieces, all she has to do is remember. Well,memories can reveal a lot if u recall correctly...hyped for whatever this flashback will hold
Indeed! She’s heard enough back then to maybe conjure up some kind of idea of what they were doing with the heathens. So glad your hyped man were gonna see lots of big named sophists thats what i can say :)
Ah, yes. I could never forget the day as a little girl when the terrorists came to down. Good times, good times.
Lmao , those were the times man...when the clown terrorist visited our underground home, ahh the nostalgia xD
So Meph is gonna show his mean political side now? Truly horrifying prospect...
Definitely a terrifying idea to hear this clown terrorist rant lolol. Luckily at least its not gonna be like his super long diatribe from chapter one xD
Dera Nuel
Well... We can say that Tara has been through hell.
for sure man...shes been through a lot and well only see a little of it in this flashback! poor spider haah
The abyss is a very interesting place. Learning more about Tarantula is always welcome, she's very likable.
Wooh man thank you again for all the comments! And that you like Tarantula haha, she's one of my favs too :)