Chapter 2: Page 34

Chapter 2: Page 34
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Sovember 18th Aug 2018, 4:42 AM edit delete
Familiar faces! Yeah those two weren't gonna stay away for long...and it seems Wolf Gang hasn't exactly known what "heathens" were all this time. time to learn HOW they're made...

Thanks for reading!

I was going to say "but wouldn't they look different", but now that I think about it we haven't really seen Aka Manah's face at all...
Yup exactly! The weird one is Rakshasa, he also wears a mask but his body is pretty distinct and he looks exactly the same...*x files music* lolol
Lol, I was actually kinda kidding about the comment on the previous page because I just figured it was Another one of Meph's schemes. But it turns out it was the whole thing he's been doing since day one of the comic! =D

Also, are you doing something new with the art? Seems a bit different somehow...
Man you’re exactly right! I swear you’re in Mephs psyche like a Freud everytime xD . Im glad it came across that he’s the mastermind of all the masterminds so far, ever since the beginning with Kese he was already in motion . were gonna see our anime joker friend pretty soon actually haha

and yeah man experimenting a bit with some shading and lighting, adding a bit of gradient over the image :)
Dera Nuel
You know nothing wolf gang (in Ygritte's voice)
LOL! Jon Snow comes in and tells them all about how to come back from the dead xD
So basically, they are copies, no longer the original ones (who are indeed dead)?
Yup! Exactly they're just copies of the minds of the originals put into other peoples bodies :)