Chapter 2: Page 32

Chapter 2: Page 32
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Sovember 14th Aug 2018, 6:01 AM edit delete
Lex wants to talk...find out the juicy time on DBZ!

Wanted this one to be way longer but Laptop had some problems bah! Thanks for reading! See ya Wed for a Goliath page

dubiz senju
Whatever lex has to say may be really important, but everyone can't just abandon that monster thing and come gather around and talk unless the light of life told him that everything will work out well if they do that
Exactly!! Lex has a very ...VERY knowledgeable person using him as a sort of channel at the moment. But he’s forgotten that they’re busy fighting a gigantic beast haha!
Well, looks like Lex/Obscurity is gonna blow away that spider-monster. Thank god he's on our side. Because he is right? =x
It certainly looks that way indeed :).

And yes if this Light of Light wished to destroy our heroes...what I can say is...they would very much miss the Sophists being their enemies :x
You go, Lex! Poke that monster real hard!
Light of Life used Poke! Was illogically effective xD!!
Jason Moon
Some monster carnage
The best kind of carnage :))
Whoah, not sure what I’ve jumped into, but looks legit so far
Thanks so much! You've jumped into insanity, I have to be honest with you xD
Dera Nuel
Gather around?... Terrible timing Lex.
Absolutely terrible timing xD!!