Chapter 2: Page 31

Chapter 2: Page 31
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News: Page a bit late but comin' soon!

Time for a tsunami of revelations, or is the cocaine just too strong? Thanks for reading!

Well that was really nice of them to tell you all that, I guess?
LOL yeah they've been running into nothing but pretty..not nice things so far, this is a bit of a contrast xD
dubiz senju
Well although they don't know exactly where this light of life emerged from, it will be good to get some answers to all the big questions
You got it exactly! This light of life is a mysterious character out of nowhere for sure... Its great that he’s revealing so much to Lex...but how does he know ?
Jason Moon
That was creepy :o
Hahaha yes indeed xD. He’s a super creepy dude, when he appears...things will happen thats what i can say lol
Dera Nuel
Oh Light of Life enlighten us.
I'm bad at rhymes xD.
Aww yeah hes gonna enlighten us. LOL its okay man it takes me forever to come up with good rhymes too .
The creature they're fighting is giving me major "Beholder"-vibes. any inspiration?
Yess!! probably some subtle inspiration there as well as some other fantasy/sci fi creatures ..but mostly beholders haha
when things can't get any more weird lol
Lmao...yeah indeed, and we haven't seen ANYTHING yet with this story heads up xP!