Chapter 2: Page 28

Chapter 2: Page 28
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news: Idiko Page coming in a few hours!

I was gonna say that thing's heartless, but that'd be a fallacious statement. run boi!!


Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend.

I love Tara's parkour maneuvers.
Thats my favorite here too! Her agility and spider themed powers are actually to help survive in the abyss!
surviving long enough to have the "fuck, I'm dead"-moment D:
You can just imagine what the dudes thinking too D: . Being able to see your heart out of its chest for a brief moment damn!
dubiz senju
Ripped the heart right out! Everyone should follow Tara's lead and run like hell but try not to trip
Haha oh yeah straight out of the chest, these things are merciless! You’re rigt, if they make one wrong move its game over :(
Jason Moon
wow!! Heart breaker right there! Here comes badass Tara :D
shot through the heart! and you're to blame! ...sorry

Yes indeed :D, she's about to get a lot of spotlight actually I can't wait :)
Mohawk-guy is a heartless bastard - which may actually be true...
Ah indeed The cold and calculating way Mohawk played pool with his friends earned him the title heartless bastard. Now it has taken a dark dark turn lol!
Agh! Enough with the creepy monsters already! I love this page, and especially the action. That final panel is so full of motion!
Hahaha I wish I could say the Abyss isn't full of creepy monsters...I wish xD.

Thanks so much man! I always like Tara in action, it's fun to draw
Dera Nuel
The thrill here is amazing! They should have ran from the beginning.
Thanks!! I really wanted to make an addrenaline scene glad itncomes across so :)