Chapter 2: Page 27

Chapter 2: Page 27
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Jason Moon
Sneaking up behind you dude! :D
I fear it may be too late for our outrageously stylish green mohawk friend xD
Should have waited for permission from daddy...
When you find yourself in distress...Daddy knows best..

Forget the rest!
He's fucked...
Well maybe he can...I got nothing, Boned as boned get my friend xD
uh-oh.. D:

"maybe it hasn't noticed us..."

I laughed xD
Nothing good commeth that is for sure..eth D:

Haha yeah even when Remmy's in semi serious mode he can't help but be hilarious xD
dubiz senju
There are times when you just have to keep your weapon down buddy
This is that time for sure!! And definitely not the time. Haha..he's so screwed xD
Next in line of smart decisions is gonna be gun-toting guy #1. We had some good times, I especially remember that time you pulled out your gun and started shooting like crazy at something "unstoppable". I'll miss your listening skills most of all! ^_^
Lmao! I also remember that one time ! Such a developed character. We had some good times gun-toting guy #1...witnessing you and all your outrageously smart decision(s), and most importantly your outrageously stylish hair xD
Dera Nuel
From the look on his face, he knows he's going to die. This should be epic.
You have good instincts! It'll be something all right haha.

Might even remind you of a certain anime/manga I'm pretty sure we've both seen :)