Chapter 2: Page 26

Chapter 2: Page 26
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Ahh it begins :( ..


Thanks for reading! I want to have an reall long update on Monday but don't quote me on that!

Well if it's something unstoppable... and it's something Tara recognizes... then it must be something that you can run away from!

So start running!
Exactly right! She’s actually only seen one these things once a long time ago in person, and the legends about it are harrowing to say the least!

Time to put those joggers to use wolf gang xD!
Excellent lettering work. It's an unsung art in comics but your typesetting really helps the design sign.
Thanks so much man!! I agree it's definitely an underappreciated aspect of story telling. I can't take credit for the font creation but I thank whoever made this, letter aesthetic can be just as important as the other aesthetic :)
dubiz senju
Oh my God! Your scene word build up I'm this page was amazing. I wonder what could be so horrible
Thanks!! Really glad it came across as a build up that's what I was going for :)

Yeah they're about to find out real quick what this thing can do...
They seem to only run into unstoppable things down here. And Tara grew up in this environment? Explains why she’s so hardcore. ;)
Haha yeah seems like the abyss is just full of unstoppable beasts. This one in particular is very nasty!

Yup, growing up in an ancient, monster filled sci fi labyrinth will make you one hardcore Tarantula lol
Jason Moon
OK Guys! I think it's time to RUN. Imagine having a neck tat like the design on Tara's neck
Man you said it.. if they don't bounce outta there it's gonna get MESSY :((

Ikr! I've always wanted one too! Tara's tattoo and her character is inspired by someone I know, freakin wish I could commit to bad*** tattoos like that haha.
nighty night
Sleep tight and don't let the ...whatever the hell that is bite! xD
Dera Nuel
Loving the horror in this page.
Thanks man!! Glad you like it a lot more of it to come :)
Oh dear what the hell is *that*? o.O

(Great design :D)
"what the hell is *that*?" that's gonna be the reaction for many things in the abyss indeed xD

Thanks!! :)