Chaper 2: Page 24

Chaper 2: Page 24
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Sovember 24th Jul 2018, 9:52 AM edit delete
Careful what you wish for...The abyss is a gigantic underground maze, and most of it is full of abandoned twisted corridors like this....but where are the monsters?!


Wooh! Sorry this is so late (and so short). New scene taking some getting used to .Thanks for reading!!

I guess the monsters didn't get the memo?
Haha maybe they didnt check their voicemail!!

Or theres something fishy going on...nah its the voicemail...
Jason Moon
That place is TERRIFYING. Makes me very curious how Tara lived down there without becoming a complete psycho lol. This world draws you in
Man im so glad you think so! That was the goal for sure, and yeah Tara has seen some ISH for sure haha, she would have every right to be completely bonkers xD
So do does the abyss change over time too? And no monsters it smells like a trap or a higher power is going to be there maybe?
Those are some very good questions! The Abyss actually does change but at this level (with the sci fi corridoors and hallways), things usually stay the same , or just get a little rustier haha.

The higher power thing just might be something relevant for sure...but I didnt say anything xD
I didn't know that the Abyss had neighbourhoods...

This scene reminds me of a Doom level...
Lol yeah they got blocks , streets, you name it...its just that its all underground and filled with hellish monsters haha.

Yess!! Man im so glad you think that I freakin love Doom .
"where are the monsters"
they're not really supposed to know that right? ;)

"shouldn't we have run into someone..."
well if not already then eventually D:

the silence before the storm is often the worst part.
Mwhaha , true thats forbidden knowledge for them for sure xD

“if not already” ...oh my, you might be psychic!

I agree, at least when the storm hits you dont have to deal with that unbearable tension!
Dera Nuel
Quiet is the worst form of creepy. The anticipation can kill.
For sure!! Its always those suspense moments in games and movies that are sometimes even worse than the monsters...sometimes lol
Oh right, Tara is an underground girl!
"Underground girl", sounds like the track to a potential theme song of hers haha!