Chapter 2: Page 23

Chapter 2: Page 23
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Or whether that “fudger” was actually there to begin with?
Great point! theres too many possibilities when it comes to the sophists.. things are gonna get weird thats what i can say :)
dubiz senju
Well the scenes were worth the effort. Rakshaha's face in that panel is giving me a terrible feeling
Thanks !! And yes its always shots like that in movies that sort of hint at an evil to come haha, hope our friends are ready...
Just wander around until you find an exit. I'm sure that'll work.
Shoot thats what I do when im in the depths of one of those mega malls lolol
Jason Moon
Incredible background man I just love that! No need to rush, it looks badass :D
Thanks so much man!! :) I'll definitely take your advice haha.
Dera Nuel
In stride eh? They're all acting carefree now. Rakshasa is gonna kill you all if you don't get serious.
Haha yeah they’re all a bit cocky after ‘killing him’ , exactly what he wants!! They better stay alert..
"blah blah bullshit" ..ha ha quite possible ;D

or, it's the "when it starts to make sense it's already too late"-thing D:

(I really like those backgrounds :D)
Hahaha yes it might just be the second one I fear D: ..lets hope its the first!

Thanks so much :))
I’ve said it already but your backgrounds are marvelous. Very spooky