Chapter 2: Page 22

Chapter 2: Page 22
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Launched Live Yasha .


Oh noes...

Ah, is this how they've been making heathens? Neat.
Glad you think so and yup! I wanted to make it more subtle but I dont think its gonna get past anyone . Also Gorgias was a sophist irl that doesnt help me haha

I’ll say the thing to look forward when she finally realizes xD
Jason Moon
oh no, the wickeds are up to no good. Oh man, go eat a rock had me cracking up :) I really like the children
they’re on the move doing those ...evil villain things lol

Im really glad you like them! Was hoping people would they’re gonna be big characters. LOL rocks and their protein right xD
like, a parasite? a mind-controlling one? In any case, probably quite unpleasant o.O
Definitely like all of the above in some way :)

Cant wait to show it exactly it’ll be wild xD
dubiz senju
Well villians are always busy being villains, I'm not surprised they found a way to this
So true! They’ve been planning this for a while too. Villains always have snakes as well haha
Dera Nuel
Wow!! Just checked out live Yasha. Its only the first page and it's already everything I hoped it will be. Nice work!!
Thanks so much man!! That's so great to hear and I'm glad to hear that you guys like it :), I hope it to be a fun contrast to Idiko's Paradise!
Hmm, so everything else happening right now was more or less a Sophist distraction to get Gorgia infected by this “seed”? Decent sleight of hand scheme! ^_^
Yup you got it :) . A lot of what's happening with the sophists seems pretty round about, cause of their deceptive nature...but also because of something else ;)
The big picture coming together?