Chapter 2: Page 21

Chapter 2: Page 21
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Sovember 17th Jul 2018, 5:38 AM edit delete
The hmmm...continues! Thanks for reading!

PROTO-BITE! Nuts I guess, here's where things take a wrong turn maybe?
Hahaha Proto bite xD. Maan I might have to make that an official term if you don't mind!

Yup, this is bad news indeed. We'll see what becomes of it soon :)
Dera Nuel
Speaking of bites, where's that snake?!
Right!? These kids need to open their eyes man. Then again snakes are...snakes lol
Jason Moon
A little snake bite
A harmless little bite to make the night xP
So is "Gia" some sort of nickname for Gorgias, or just something Porcia likes to exclaim?
Yup! Exactly its a little short hand for Gorgias. But you know a catchphrase like that would be in line with her personality haha
I see, it's a venomous snake, not a constrictor one. Oh yes then even the small ones can be pretty bad. It probably goes all downhill from here on now.
Yup, it'll be clear here soon but this snake is indeed carrying a special type of "venom".

As to what it does might be a surprise ;)
dubiz senju
Gorgia must have felt just a little pang and won't take it seriously until the things start going wrong!
You got it exactly! She actually might not notice anything too glaringly wrong with her for a while.

...but something definitely happened for sure!
Porcia and Gorgias are interesting characters and them showing up in this chapter was an unexpected surprise given the tone
Wooh so glad you like them :D, they are going to be big characters, in fact I'm working on a prologue that will be done in a month or so giving them and Rabidus a lot more context.

I want this story to feel like they are the main characters, Alpha Nightmare is supposed to be the only chapter where they are in the backdrop :)