Chapter 2: Page 20

Chapter 2: Page 20
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The oblivious children @_@. Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

Well, Porcia certainly seems cheery enough. Gorgias maybe not quite so much! Probably best to send her to map out the abyss, seems more like her kind of place!
Haha yeah Porcia’s cheeriness embodied for sure. And Gorgias is...the exact opposite :D

You’re right and the funny thing is Gorgias is the one who doesnt want to go there xD
dubiz senju
I like the character representation, Gorgias is the uptight,mean,smart and perhaps strong one who always calls Porcia stupid. Porcia on the other hand is the easy going and cheery one but has
high ambitions!
Thanks!! You are completely on the mark with both of their characters. Gorgias does really love calling Porcia stupid, and is much more closed off than her. I hope I can continue to show their polar differences :)
I'd argue that even if Rabidus isn't your favorite person, Porcia's not wrong. It's unusual for him to visit.

Would suck if his plane was hijacked or something.
Lol that's true, Porcia's not wrong technically.

Ah yes that would indeed suck heh.. and without spoiling you might be onto something! we'll get to see what's up with Rabidus before the chapter ends. A lot of characters are gonna collide I can say that :)
Jason Moon
Such cute kids :D Man, that snake is making me nervous! Beautiful page
Haha thanks dude! Its funny seeing some cute after being in the abyss xD.

Mwhaha my ominous snake fullfill its duty lol
aaahh the ambitious youth, their plans and dreams.. and then something will ruin it totally D:
Oh yeah such truth! D: And it's commendable she even has dreams in a nightmare continent like Ruina heh. Let's hope nothing ruins her during this scene early xD
Oblivious/naive children with big dreams. I do have a soft spot for those. ^_^
Haha me as well :). A big part of this story are characters like that being pitted against a ridiculously dark world,I just love that kind of thing xP
Dera Nuel
More like Gorgias is to Sasuke as Porcia is to Naruto xD
The last panel is beautiful by the way.
LOL! I can't unsee it xD. I probably was watching too much Naruto hahaha
Awww, I feel so very bad for them given what they're up against
I know right :(( , they have no idea. Porcia wants to go to the deepest depths of the abyss, and the things we've seen so far with our short encounter of the abyss have been candies and unicorns relatively speaking!