Chapter 2: Page 15

Chapter 2: Page 15
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Super late sorry! Got home unexpectedly late. Thanks for reading!

We've actually seen quite a few sophists and sophists' minions. I don't think it's as exclusive a club as you're making it out to be.
Great point! Weve already seen a lot of sophists and Meph even alluded to there being a bunch more.

Guess Rakshasa wants to make Tara (and himself) feel special haha
Jason Moon
I think I'm an evil soul because I like watching the good guys lose or suffer. It's weird
Haha me too man, I also like it because it makes eventually comebacks greater too (if there is one )

But mostly because I like heroes to be over challenged mwhaha xD.
shut up indeed. does he really expect her to change her mind?
Ikr He’s crazy if he thinks that haha. Tarantula has so much invested in Wolf Gang and knows the sophists were nuts xD
Little Tara is adorable. And the shot with Meph extending his hand, face concealed is anime-stylish as nothing I've seen you done before. Love it! ^_^
She is so cute right haha.

And thanks so much man!! Sometimes I get a panel lookijg alright , usually accidentally xD.
Dera Nuel
Yeah Rakshasa,please shut up. You really do talk a lot. Tara's so courageous xD
Hahaha yeah he’s really a big taunter like Meph xD. And oh yeah Tara is fearless :)