Chapter 2: Page 13

Chapter 2: Page 13
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Sovember 26th Jun 2018, 8:01 AM edit delete
Bad memories for Remmy...

Dera Nuel
Play his game or he plays with you. Either way you still play.
Rakshasa is not one to give much options eh.
Indeed...Rakshasa is a very impatient fellow haha.

They will all play his game whether they like it or not ! Hooe they can do well.
Actually, I wouldn't mind playing with you. Playing the game should be easier with the guy who made it helping you out!
Lmao!! If Remmy wasnt shaking in his boots he should have said that, psh.

I mean if Rakshasa is a fair gamemaster..he camt reall punish a retort thats technically correct lol
"play my game, or I'll make you play my game" ;)

uuuuugh is he wearing a mask, or ... is that his actual face? O.O
Hahaha yeah basically xD

Its a mask indeed! just like astaroth its made and worn in a way that looks like his actual face. . I probably should have made it look more like a mask but hey, creep factor +10 lol
I like it how it is, that it's not clear what it actually is. Yes, the creep factor :D
Aww yeah creep factor XD
Rakshasha has a really mean look that I'm totally into! I don't much care for how he wants to play games though. I tried to flip back a page or two to try and figure out what he meant that he won't repeat but was out of luck. Guess I'd be dead in a second if I was in their shoes! =D
Haha really glad you like his look! And yeah hes a frustrating villain in more than one way, he plays games to cope with being super powerful, he could kill all of them almost instantly. Still its questionable that Astaroth wouldnt prefer someone who just immediately offs the philosophers!

LOL yeah his hints are very obscure, his games are pretty much infinite hard mode xD
Jason Moon
Looks like they don't have much of a choice but to play. Hopefully they all survive his game.
Oh yeah they’re stuck in this game for now!

...unless they want to fight Rakshasa...yeah no they’re playing that game LOL