Chapter 2: Page 16

Chapter 2: Page 16
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Remmy is dumbfounded and it appears to be @ss kicking time!

that's gonna leave a mark
Heyy welcome back stranger :)) Indeed it is haha!
Jason Moon
Great stab kid
Makana may be inexperienced but she's got that fire in her haha!
dubiz senju
Way to go makana! At least not everyone is just standing helplessly like Remmy,go break the rules of this game!
Haha yeah it too an unexpected Makana to shake things up xD. Hope Remmy can get his stuff together heh..
Dera Nuel
That's the spirit people. He may be strong but you guys have the numbers. You have each other!!
Haha hell yeah man!! They just needed to fight back against his intimidation..and he is definitely intimidating lol
Rem, you need to make more sense if you're gonna stop all these people from doing something incredibly dumb...
Ah You’re very in tune with it here! Rem needs to let them know exactly what they’re up against instead of blabbering like he is xD. very astute observation might have some weight to it :)
I suppose there's a difference between "Remmy has a hard time fighting them" and "other philosophers have a hard time fighting them".
Hahaha yes that is so true xD. Remmy’s experience would have been terrible...well get a semse of how steong Rakshasa is by the end of the chapter, but before than lots of trippy fun stuff incoming hehe
ha ha distracted and overconfident ;D
Hehe thats two things you never wanna be in the abyss xP