Chapter 2: Page 11

Chapter 2: Page 11
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Sovember 21st Jun 2018, 7:03 AM edit delete
An absolute madman enters. And Lex is NOT having a good start to this game :( . Thanks for reading!

Rems plan of attack: "ATTACK!" =D
A plan that is the result of meticulous planning and complex tactics xD!!
Jason Moon
lol hey, they wanted to take him on. And he is happy to oblige lol
Haha yeah they did want to fight Rakshasa...and here he is xD. Miiignt have a few regrets on their end!
Actually, did you ever solve the first puzzle? That may be what's making him mad...
Yup! That would definitelt make sense, he is pretty ocd about his games and hates when people dont play by his arbitrary rules haha
Dera Nuel
This dude is everywhere. OK. Rakshasa has drawn first blood or broken the first set of fingers.
Lol yeah he’s super strong and can mess with people all while hding his main body far away from the action! ... its gonna be one of those days for them xD
"remmy taking initiative this happening"

my thought exactly ;D
Hehehe a rare occurrence for sure !

Hope he can stay like this...pshh xD