Chapter 2: Page 14

Chapter 2: Page 14
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Sovember 28th Jun 2018, 7:00 AM edit delete
Welp! Positive side to this is... I get to freakin finally draw Porcia and Gorgias in an upcoming scene xD

Wooh page 200 thanks so much to everyone who's read!

Congrats!!!!! \^0^/ This page was really entertaining. Seems a bit ominous for Tara, but my money still lies with her.
Thanks so much man!! Its been fun :). And glad it was entertaining, I had fun making it!

Its so awesome you have faith in Tara xD. Then again shes a beast ey haha . But they’re definitely in trouble if she doesnt play the game with them :x
He's gonna separate Tara from the group, isn't he? He's totally gonna separate Tara from the group.
Nahh ...hes just...uhh...I got nothing xD .

Good luck to any team without a spidergirl!
dubiz senju
Rakshaha definitely knows his game best.
I wonder how he is going to make Tara's unfair advantage more of a disadvantage
Definitely! He is a sadistic monster for sure,

and will make this game as hard as he can for our heroes ;(. Should be fun to watch though haha
Jason Moon
Tara gets a handicap!
Very possible! Poor Spidergirl haha. Things are about to get bad that's what I can say...
For someone who wants them to play his sadistic little game, he sure doesn't want to seem to let them go. Taunting them so much and all that. Guess Rakshasha is kinda easily trigged. =D

And congrats on 200 pages! That's a huge milestone!
Haha yeah Rakshasa is so strange. Hes meticulous with his games but not in a detached game master way. Hes still pretty fiery and impulsive xD

Thanks!! Didnt think id ever get there xP
Dera Nuel
Okay. Firstly, Rakshasa is on top of his game.
Secondly I love the two last panels.
I finally get a good view of Tara's neck tattoo, plus the perspective in the last panel is so great!
Thanks so much man!! Yes Rakshasa is definitely a boss. And awesome that you like Taras tattoos! She has more hidden haha