Chapter 2: Page 10

Chapter 2: Page 10
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Perhaps Astaroth is weaker than he lets on, and needs to employ the help of people he wouldn't otherwise trust in this situation?
Thats a very good theory! You actually might be on the right track haha.

Astaroth was the most infamous and motivated sophist...doesnt necessarily mean he has to be the strongest...also whos to say Rakshaha’s not the only other sophist alive perhaps xP
playing with your food is not that bad. ..unless it's alive ;)

Oh yeah I played with my food all the time, mom would get mad at me but rarely any serious consequences xD

Oh Yeah..when the food is people it changes things...a little lol
dubiz senju
A lot of insight on sophists in this page. From experience, people who play with their prey are just the worst especially if they are crazy sophists like Rakshaha
Glad that you found this page full of insights!'s always the villains whether in anime/video games etc. who play with their food that are definitely the worst. And such is the case for this mad man ;(
Jason Moon
This guy sounds nasty. Makes me very curious to see him. Tara is so funny XD I really like her personality
Haha yeah man he's super nasty. And your curiosity just might be answered sooner than later!

I'm really glad people like Tara she cracks me up too xD
Dera Nuel
So much hype coming from his enemies. That they are this afraid of him means he really is a formidable opponent. I'm really excited!!
Haha oh yeah , Rakshasa was a really messed up dude. He’s pretty cruel and Remmy has some big PTSD thanks to him.

Glad your excited man! he’s definitely gonna be the source of some...carnage D:
Ugh, "Lord of Monsters" and "The Sadist"? What the hell do you do to deserve a nickname like that? I mean, I know a number of Sophists whom those epitaphs could apply to.
Hahaha yeah man thats definitely true, those titles can go to pretty much any Sophist xD.

Rakshasa in particular got these names cause he tended to let some people live and they would have a strong impression from!
I enjoy the characters in this crew especially Tara and her quirks. The lore here is ominous.
Thanks!! And it means a lot that you like wolf gang, they're a bunch of goofs (with some major issues but goofs nonetheless LOL)