Chapter 2: Page 7

Chapter 2: Page 7
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Sovember 12th Jun 2018, 10:08 AM edit delete

Lin's squad is mostly full of pretty experienced people but this little group is "new meat". the age for becoming a professional philosopher is 17 :( . That'll be a big plot point later, but for now it just sucks for this inexperienced 19 year old hehe

Does not look so good for the noob, there. Though I have faith that Tara could rescue him.
Oh yeah definitely as bad as it can get for that noob haha. And I'm glad Tara instills such faith! then again she's been savin folks for most of her screentime huh xD
If Tara is fighting a monster, it's probably a good idea to stay as far away as possible...
You see the Tarantula hard at to give her just a lil space. Like a football fields distance xD
Jason Moon
He should probably stay back o_O
Oh yeah this guys in wayy over his head D:
Dera Nuel
Swift and effective. This chapter got me liking Tara more and more.
Indeed! Tara is a total killer haha, glad to hear that its gonna be a revealing chapter for her :)
Now when you say "juicy parts" I'm hoping you don't mean anything too gory? O_o
lol...maybe ;D. Nah I meant were on the verge of story stuff i was looking forward to. Dont worry in not a fan of extremely explicit gore either. severed limbs and blood, but i dont think ill ever draw guts and such, if so very rarely (just a personal aesthetic choice ).
So intense! I'm afraid for this man this creature looks deadly.