Chapter 2: Page 6

Chapter 2: Page 6
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Yeah, that thing was kind of just asking for a punch in the face there! :P
Hahaha yeah it was basically screaming for Tara to do it. Strong...but Not the brightest xD.
Careful Tara, better close your mouth! You probably don't want to ingest that thing's blood!
Lol! So true Tara, human blood's one thing, but I don't even wanna think about what could happen if you swallowed blood from this monstrosity xD
Jason Moon
I shouldn't be surprised considering Tara knows the underground and these abominations. Hopefully they don't run into anymore of them
Indeed! They're lucky she knows their weaknesses haha, hopefully this will be enough to kill this thing..
I guess these monsters haven't met Tara before?
Well, I suppose if they had, they wouldn't be here.
There's a select few that have survived an encounter with the Tarantula...they're shells of their former selves xD
Excellent emoting in this page! That's something I find that lots of comics struggle with, but you've really got that down!

Also, I'm sure that did it. No more nightmare-monster! Nope, nowhere. Let's all go home! ^_^
Thanks so much!! Glad it came across alright, I didn't want to mess up ferocious Tara xD.

Haha oh yeah it's totally done and out, psh time to head out, drinks everyone?
Dera Nuel
Excellent kill punch Tara. That should put it down. But I think the abyss has much more to offer.
Definitely!! The Abyss is full of strange and dangerous things...hope they can stay lucky as they have been so far!