Chapter 5: Page 5

Chapter 5: Page 5
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Time for Tara to...tear in! sorry

That shot of Tarantula is a piece in and of it's own! She about to put a bridle on this Mare?
Thanks!! Yeah she and Rem are more offensive out of the three, she’s bout to put some hurt on this thing for sure to whether it will be enough...we shall see :P
Dera Nuel
I hope Remy will hold the spider long enough for Tara to deliver the finishing blow.
Definitely man!! Tara better finish it, Mares are super dangerous...And im glad you brought it up, this creature moves and is sort of like a spider, im glad that aspect came through :)
What's up with Bogdan's speech patterns? Doesn't use contractions, but abbreviates ends of words sometimes. He sounds like a drunk Starfire.
Rofl!! Drunk starfire. im glad someone finally brought it up, funny enough he is actually an alcoholic and spoke one different language before so has some weird speaking quirks. mostly based off a dude i know lol
dubiz senju
Inhibiting the enemy's movement and then taking it down, its a nice strategy but depends on whether Tara can tear the creature to shreds
Spot on! She'll have to completely destroy it, or else they'll be in for some very bad times...
Jason Moon
I hope they can harm these things! If the abyssians consider them to be deities they have got to be scary as hell
You said it! They can bleed and feel pain...but they're unbelievably tanky!