Chapter 2: Page 1

Chapter 2: Page 1
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dubiz senju
Remi's face falling and screaming is really funny... I wonder where that monster is lurking tho
haha yess glad you got a kick out of his reaction, I had so much fun drawjng it lol! And true.. the abyss is full of mystery and horror... they better keep their guards up!
Yes... Let us all fall spread-eagle into the abyss. bmd>.<bmd Looks like fun!
Haha it sounds so freakin metal when you put it that way huh xD. Yess so glad you think so hope I can make this arc fun :)
Jason Moon
haha Love those reactions! Kind of that Bill and Ted vibe when they are falling into hell XD Kick ass background, it has a dark diesel-punk look to it
glad you like their faces haha! and LOL ted and bill I love those movies , they are sort of like that..if keanu reeves was fat xD. Thanks!! hope i can keep that dark diesel look going
Oh thank goodness, they're only in the shallow part.
...Which probably doesn't mean anything helpful to them.
haha yeah it really doesn't, rem and bogdan especially aren't too well versed with the abyss so it wouldn't help them. Tara knows what shallows mean but the abyss is horrible all round so it's technically pretty extraneous info xD.
Dera Nuel
Oooooo!! Its begun! Great perspective in the second panel. Really emphasizes the fall.
Thanks man!! Yup it has finally begun , cant wait to show the shenaningans that will taking place very soon :))
That panel of Remi falling face first is gorgeous!
Thanks so much!! I need to try more perspective like that but its so hard lolol
Excellent start to the new chapter, the abyss seems very interesting of a setting, almost like a video game dungeon.
Man thanks so much!! I wanted to start this chapter on a really dark note, I'm glad you think it looks like a video game as well :))