Chapter 2: Page 3

Chapter 2: Page 3
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So they'll have to fill some room with... blood?
On the plus side, fighting monsters is an efficient way to get blood out of your body.
nice thats already an out of the box idea you’re definitely on the right track! And yeah assuming it does demand blood...that monster is a godsend xD
Jason Moon
Better hurry to that room and avoid those terrifying abominations!!
Definitely!! its time to get movin haha
That monster is horribly distorted, but has some strikingly reminiscent features about it too... Hmmmmmmm...
Man great catch! Glad you could spot this monster has some vague features we have seen before...that could mean something important in the future for sure...
Dera Nuel
Woah! I really love this page. Can't wait for the next one.
Thanks dude!! Glad you like it and yeah the monstrosities have just gotten started :))
looks like the every chaos itself tries to materialize as something human-like. doesn't look very human-like.
that is a description better than i could havw come up with haha. chaos especially, it was inspired by a thing i saw in a nightmare !