Chapter 2: Page 2

Chapter 2: Page 2
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So if Bogdan and Tara are indeed siblings... did Bogdan grow up in the abyss too? Or nah?
Ah that is totally my bad way too vague there xD. He's actually not her brother, just an affectionate term. Tara is like the "little sister" of the wolf gang group cause she's the youngest lol. I'll make sure to make that clear soon this is her arc after all :D
Sorry Remmy, looks like you're just going to have to... uh... sunglasses to death anything that's lurking down there (or maybe just hide behind the others, seems like they may fare a little better in the situation!)
Hahaha ‘sunglasses to death’ , if I make stat cards I have to make that his primary attack xD. And yeah he’d be very wise to stay behind the other two!
Thanks!! :)
Jason Moon
ohh this place is spooky. Might find some answers though
Really glad it comes across spooky :) And yeah, if they play their cards right, and get very lucky, they will find some really juicy info!
dubiz senju
It's surprising remmy is the one being seriously concerned about their situation and calling the other two to order. The absyss must be really hellish
haha yeah he’s usually the one who’s slackin off right? Since he lost his gun and since hes had a really short but bad experience with the abyss ...he’s much more shaken than the other two xD
There are some excellent shots and angles in this page! And horribly overbearing sense of dread! Also, Tara is on the case as usual! ^_^
Thanks!! Im really glad those are all the things I was aiming for :).

And yeah Tara’s a super slacker off the battlefield, but a super soldier when shes on it !
Dera Nuel
Tara spend some time here so she's quite familiar with it. Bodjan doesn't look too spooked. But Remy on the other hand isn't having as much fun... Poor Remy.
You got it exactly. Tara is experienced with the abyss and Bogdan is a very confident person in general..but Remmy is reliant on his gun...poor Remmy indeed haha
I really love that last panel, very effective use of the red-black contrast :D
Thanks!! i like that panel too :))
Such a scary and menacing atmosphere.
Aww yeah exactly what I was going for :)