Chapter 2: Page 63

Chapter 2: Page 63
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There goes Vapula! ... for now. And there are 22 sophists left...we definitely won't see them all but the rest should be fun :D. Thanks for reading!

i might have to reread, but we havent seen idiko “judging” someone in the past yet. is this is him only mentioning it? i like the dialogue and mystery here ^^
Ahh yeah! He hasn’t ever been shown judging anyone only Iri has :)

Thanks!! I hope to tease a lot of things in these flashbacks :)!
damn they stabbed her . idiko is a killer but he seems like hes thinking . i like the colors
Haha yeah, there's...lots of stabbing in this story heads up LOL.

Thanks man! I'm still experimenting a bit :)
That's a pretty intriguing dilemma. So Ruina is a sort of penal colony but most of the people don't deserve to be there?
Really glad you noticed that!

Yes, ruina is a sort of exile area for criminals , but the spectrum is pretty vast and a lot of people that are considered normal by most standards are sent here because they barely failed this meta narrative judgement test...which is pretty whack haha