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Sovember 19th Mar 2019, 5:24 AM edit delete
Lots of stuff xD. Sorry this is late! Gonna try to finish the chapter by the 22nd but I want to get to everyone so we'll see if there needs to be one more or so, thanks for reading, See ya Fri!

this is crazy meph is trying to change reality damn. they have to work together
Meph is an absolute madman XD. We’ll see some insanity eventually, more insane then anything so far

You got it. They have to work together..even if atm it looks like they’re up against gods :)
I don’t have a context for this page as of yet but I enjoy your dialogue so far. At times it’s strange and off beat, in a good way. I’m intrigued by the concept of the realm of the real.
Thanks so much! And thanks for subbing! I do like writing strange dialogue i’m glad it comes across so. :)

Ah Yes so glad you like the concept! its a similar but different and simpler to Jacques Lacans triad . Lacan is basically a trippy and questionable Frued if your into psych i recommend him xD
Lots of answers on this page ^3^. I wonder what the other two realms are?
All the explanations jammed into the last few pages xD

Ahh great question, yeah we'll learn about those realms eventually :)
Dera Nuel
Don't tell me the sophists are a form of spectres. I hope I'm really off point here.
Oh man that's a great theory!

And you're right...that would be horrible for them if it's true D: . At the very least we know they are invulnerable, just like the specters
Well it looks like the end of the world itself won’t stop Lin from not taking things seriously, that might be one of the more unnerving things on the page.

I had to reread the last portion of the chapter to reaffirm one of my own suspicions, but it looks like the specters can take on different forms, some humanoid, and some giant human slash lion hybrids? Or are those two giant creatures we saw sitting on thrones in the abyss something other than specters? In any case it looks like the team is dealing woth quite the conondrum. The worst part of this is it seems the sophists have deus ex machina as a tool box, I’m hoping there’s a weakness that can be exploited cause otherwise I don’t see how they can surmount this issue.

Perhaps Rabidus’ mother will help? It’s implied she’s strong but I’m not sure if she’s deity strong, that’s another world of strong obviously.
Hahaha! I like that description of Lin as it's true, he won't take anything seriously at the expense of...everyone xD

Ah man great observations as usual! Yeah what I can say is that the specters can indeed take different shapes and forms, those blue floating ones are the most common form, but as you mentioned there are others..we'll learn more soon :)

And a great guess! She'll become relevant sooner than later that's for sure, can't wait to do the prologue :D
I suppose if encountering The Real forces you to see some incomprehensible things... Meph is the perfect choice to manipulate it.

Anyway, if The Real is already spooky, I wonder what The Symbolic and The Imagination are like...
You're totally right, the real equates to the things we can't comprehend and Meph has been the most hard to comprehend person in the story so far xD. He's also one of the most manipulative in's gonna be interesting times ahead.

YES, glad you caught that, The Real is already spooky, and deals with all things spooky, but the other two might be even more dangerous in the hands of someone with the Grand Narrative, can't wait to reveal them :)
LMAO. Too accurate xD, love how that actually sort of can tie into my hijacking of the word real!
Jason Moon
ohhh bend reality! That is so cool, better not go into the wrong hands. OMG
Right? I'd love to bend reality to my whim, but if that got into the wrong hands...
So the Grand Narrative is the Infinity Gauntlet crosse with the Death Note? Perfet! Just what you'd want in the hands of someone like Meph!

I also looooove that group image of the Sophists. Probably one of the most striking panels you've concocted. =)
That just might be one of the most accurate descriptions XD. And yeah, just imagine something like that in the hands of anime Joker on steroids lol!

Man thanks so much!! I had challenged myself to kinda do a quantity over quality thing for this page only for practice, but I'm glad that panel came out good :D. I do love drawing the sophists, I wanted to include a scene with all the sophists meeting, but I'll show it as a sort of start of Chapter 3 instead. (Might show a glimpse of it at the end) :)
Meph has the book run.┏༼ ◉ ╭╮ ◉༽┓
The Madman has the book RUN BOY! XD