Rai Raja 

Wife of Idiko and mother of Rabidus. Arguably the strongest Philosopher alive and often chosen by The Grand Council to take on apocalyptic level cases. Rai has a slightly impish but ultimately kind personality. She also has a mysterious past with Astaroth, which worries Rabidus.


Idiko Raja 

A Philosopher King and former bounty hunting mercenary. Idiko lead the hunt against the sophist years ago. He is kind and respected as a King, but also exudes an impenetrable air of mystery, even to those closest to him.


Porcia Sachdev 

An emphatically positive and cheerful young philosopher. Porcia is the daughter of the MIA philosopher Jace Sachdev. Whom's mysterious disappearance is her prime interest.


Gorgias Sachdev 

Very intelligent and introverted girl. Talented philosopher who has plenty of knowledge of the protos. She is the little sister who Porcia, who cares very much for Gorgias and her well being.


Tarantula Draugur 

An eccentric and fearless philosopher from the Abyss. Tarantula is one of the first members of Wolf Gang.


Rabidus Raja

A snarky and troubled young philosopher. Rabidus is the son of the Philosopher King, Idiko Raja.

Lucia Sachdev 

Known for her beauty, medical protos expertise, and a slightly aloof but dignified presence. Lucia cares for her daughters much, especially since her partner Jace Sachdev went missing mysteriously one day.