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UpdateTres: YO! So this last page is all lined up, just taking way long to color. Saturday i’ll have as much as l can color up, at worst if its not the whole page the last bit of this chapter will be uploaded Tues! Its sort of perfect as Nyunny has two pages I wanted to attach :) . See ya Saturday.

There's a lot of surreal and curious happenings on this page, and The Miser's got a great design. You have a real television like aesthetic going here, that maybe I'm only noticing now. I remember reading this scene with those two but didn't pick up that Gorgias got bitten. So she's part of the Sophist's plan to take over the world or such?
Haha yes that's what I'm going for is surreal and/or curious XD. And thank you! I only had a vague idea of what I've wanted him to look like till now :)

And thanks! I probably just watch too much anime there's no deliberate attempt to do so haha.

And yeah Gorgias got bitten by Incubus' heathen snake, I'm really hyped for the interlude of the sophists, it will answer your question hopefully :). I'll be uploading it slowly during the break before the new prologue
This page feels like a finale ^3^ . I like the call backs with splashed color in monochrom its a cool effect
Awesome to hear its like a finale :), thats what im going for! This page and the next will be the last for a while so im glad it can feel a bit climactic.

Thanks! More callbacks to come haha
It’s always nice and exceedingly rare when a child and the parents they have had sour relationships with start to see eye to eye. I had to trek back to the page where Gorgias got bit by the heathen snake. I’m starting to formulate an idea of what the sophits are up to, if i gather correctly, these <alpha> heathens are different from normal heathens. Amon turning into another person seems to be a distinct feature, something Kese couldn’t do. But i’m wondering why they would place so much money on Gorgias, as opposed to turning many random people into these upgraded heathens for some sort of army. Also I’d like to see more of whats going on in Astaroths mind, he seems to have his own agenda.
Man I just love your analysis-ses XD. That is so true. It's really nice when family members who have had strong tension or disagreements compromise :).

Ahh yes, Gorgias is definitely tied to whatever the sophists are planning with the Alpha Heathens. And you're right in that they're different from normal heathens. We'll learn a lot more about them, and I hope to sort of streamline and make more clear the heathen/kese subplot soon too :)

Ah a labyrinth of schemes XD. We'll see him in the interlude again.
that is one badass design for miser
Thanks so much =D. He's a badass dude lol
Hmm... is there something special about Gorgias? Why was she specifically targeted?
Ahh yeah that's a great spot! Gorgias is being singled out here, yet she doesn't appear to be anything special really from what has been presented of her!

I can say she was targeted for reasons having to do with her meta narrative in particular, should be tackled pretty soon actually :)
damn this story its deep. thats meph talking i think wtf is happening to gia
Haha thanks!! I attempt the deepness, more shameless “we live in a society ” moments coming thats for sure lmao!

Ahh good catch, that could be Meph indeed...and Gorgias is...well...all shall be revealed D:
Can't hide, or "mask" evil forever, it always re-surfaces, in one way or another.

"your new roommate"-
Dreads! The same white dreads! They'll get along well ...right?

I fear probably not o.O
Exactly! So glad you caught that mask's a big theme and you're intepretation is precise..we can't keep evil hidden forever in many instances. Rai is having some deep regrets and fears over the Sophist's returns, and she's one of the strongest people in the world D:

Yeah, there might get along, similar hairstyle taste XD

What I can say is The Miser can be very individualistic and hard to work with, but I might be saying something pretty obvious judging by his name heh.
Add me to the camp of people who's wondering why they picked Gorgias specifically? I've just Heard them call them "heathens" so far, but she's an "alpha" heathen. As in "first/beginning"? Did she come before the others somehow? Was the infection a red herring and she's really been in this state Before anyone else? Seems odd and maybe I'm just taking the "alpha" part of the name too far. =x

And to the camp of people who loves that Miser-design!
Oh yeah you guys are tackling the big problem here! Why is Gorgias picked over anyone else? As far as heathens work they just need a host period, and Gorgias seems like a random choice, but they talk to her like she's a "savior" :x . Ah and great catch with the Alpha heathen catch! We're about to have a lot of that wrapped up on the next page I can say that :D . But indeed many parts of the heathen thing remains a mystery for now.

Ahh man those are some amazing theories!! Especially the red herring one, you might be on the right track with one or two of those...In any case you we can agree that it is peculiar.

Haha wooh glad people like the misers design! Hope you like his personality too, as dastardly as he probably will be :D
Jason Moon
That is really cool that the snake was actually watching the children back when we saw it come slithering behind them. The panels are chilling and get you excited to see whats to come
Thanks so much man! Glad you like the little call back here with the snake. Yeah these two were being spied on and the snake axtually bit Gorgias here.

So glad its chilling :D I am super excited for whats to come, also some of the earlier pages are going to start changing real soon hope you guys like the changes :)