Chapter 2: Page 74

Chapter 2: Page 74
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Sovember 15th Dec 2018, 5:55 AM edit delete
Wooh! Sorry another late one, lots of pre Xmas jazz.

Rabidus/Idiko have been away from Ruina for a long time..some unwelcome company awaits as well. And Rabidus doesn't like secrets lol. Thanks for reading! See ya Monday for a long one...

hes a damn celebrity rofl. the paparazzi are annoying
He is and only for being the son of a king xD. Spoiled spunky boy lol!

I dont think he fancies them either haha
Honesty is the best policy in a world of secrecy. Although maybe he could have been more tactful ha.
Gotta say it how it is where it is!

But I have to agree.. it was a nuclear bomb, and he didnt hesitate lol! Its funny cause a major part of his character is hesitation xD
Reuniting with close ones are always great , unless they crush your neck ^^;. "Your feverish interest in a little boy" That made me laugh ^3^
It's always fun when you reuinite with someone...when you're on good terms with them at least xD (cough Gorgias).

LOL i'm glad you think so, I get carried away xD
Being blunt is all well and fine but there are dozens of cameras pointed at you!
Definitely fine and well in most circumstances (and he chose the worst lol!)

I mean I can understand your frustration with lies Rabidus...but you miight have just caused an entire city to panic hysterically xD
Jason Moon
hahaha gotta beware of that paparazzi! Nice to see so many friends interacting
Haha That darn paparazzi is unstoppable xD

I love drawing these guys together , their dynamic is pretty...colorful, and the entire gangs not even here yet haha!
he's a star he's a star!
He's a super star :D Wonder if he likes it though haha!