Chapter 2: Page 12

Chapter 2: Page 12
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Sovember 23rd Jun 2018, 7:58 AM edit delete
Sophists like doing that behind thing lol

Sorry late! Thanks for reading!


Caught up! This is a great webcomic. :)
Ahh Thanks so much!! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Glad you made it through all the insanity. More of it to come xD
dubiz senju
Haha! Remmy probably didn't want rakshaha appearing behind him like that.
It must have scared the hell out of him!
Lolol yeah man unlucky for him he still hasn't noticed...he's in for a VERY big shock. Rakshasa's got a pretty imposing frame like Astaroth!
"Yeah, you're right, I didn't want to slice off your other arm. Sorry."
“Did i say i wanted to slice off your other arm? I meant that you’re nice and mean you no harm!” xDD
Jason Moon
LOL Dramatic little pig. This guy is scary!
haha yes xD hes a freak for sure!
Lol, I was just thinking that! Another Sophists appearing behind his prey being a common theme. XD
Haha yeah something fun about doing that xD. Maybe its the surprise .

They all have some quirks but Astaroth and Rakshasa have some glaring similarities , which might be important later :)
Dera Nuel
Well that was chilling. Rakshasa is a scary guy. And he has a point, I wouldn't run my mouth if were Remy.
Oh yeah he's got the creep factor down to a tee!

And true haha Remmy needs to learn to pick his battles wisely xD