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Updatedos: Going to upload redo's as they finish! Even if the disparity between quality of the rest of the ch is glaring psh lol

Update: GREETINGS CHOSEN ONE. Your interest in the dark arts has lead you to a secret update! Sorry idk lol, but any way I've officially started chipping away at redo pages, commiting to 7 panels a day, but not sure how long it'll take still! I can say the hiatus won't go longer than say 3-4 months. And during that time I'll hopefully upload a few pages of an interlude, first page coming near the end of may! Thanks for your interest amigo/a :)

Nyunny's art!

There it is! Next Chapter's Grand Phantasia: Part 1 ! As mentioned Idiko's Paradise will be going on a hiatus, as I focus on a lot of stuff I wanted to do with chapter 1 and work on other things. Realistically I probably won't be able to get everything I want done with the redo's, at least not within a few months. So I'm going to work on it for a few months and then get back to uploading regardless of how far I get on that redo project, it'll be something I chip away at the end of every chapter if that's the case :).

I'll actually be uploading a short interlude during the hiatus, but very slowly. Don't have an exact date for the official return just yet. Will in about a week or so when I have a better gauge of the workload so if you're bored you'll see my lame updates posted on this page lol.

Thank you all so much for the support! CF's a real awesome community. See ya later.

YOO that's a chapter ending if I've ever seen one.

The hiatus's barely started and I already can't wait for it to end!
Man thanks so much and for the support =D!! Glad you liked it. Funny this ending lines up with End Game's release just realized, week of climaxes eh LOL

Ah man and I'm hyped for it to end too. Grand Phantasia will have an ungodly amount of characters, and pretty much every genre haha. I hope I can do it justice!
well that was badass
YES that's the goal above all hahaha XD.

Thanks for the support!
Dera Nuel
An amazing page I must say. I really enjoyed Meph's talk even though he's a sicko. Looking forward to the grand phantasia.
Thanks so much dude!! I'm also glad you like Meph's messed up antics. A lot more to come, Chapter 3 will be very bombastic !!

Thanks for the support dude! See ya @ graph phantasia :)
damn meph is crazy hes gonna kill gias mom. grand phantasia is coming.
He's a complete madman XD

Oh yeah he would, he has no qualms with killing if it gets him what he wants...

Thanks for the comments freshprince!! See ya at ch 3 :)
Great end to the chapter i’ll echo that. Didn’t see the it playing out this way exactly, but a satisfying conclusion that teases things to come. I have some questions but the alpha heathen explanation filled in sone blanks that I needed filling. I also like the implication of Meph’s two facedness with him taking off the mask, at least that’s how I interpreted it.

I wonder why Gorgias is freaking out but isn’t reacting to the thought of her mother being killed? Maybe she was just slow on that one.

All of this appears to be some sort of elaborate villain scheme orchestrated by Meph.
Thanks you so much man!! I appreciate your analysis every time haha. And yeah I'm glad that answered some question you had about the alpha heathens...there's definitely a lot of mystery still untouched. Depending on how much CH 1 redo I get done, some things might be made more clear for you all, but regardless you can expect the interlude coming up to answer even more stuff =)

Ah yes, she is reacting...inside haha, she loves her mom and vice versa, guess it's not processed yet XD

You got it...
Finally! Caught up and I have to say this story is incredible. Very unique dystopia, and a lot going on. What a thought out work, I might have to backtrack to piece everything together . Meph is a demon if I didn’t see one but I like him at the same time. He brings a chaos to the story like no other. Can’t wait to see what comes next.
WOOH! Glad you enjoyed it man!! Was fun to read all your comments :). You also have some great analysis that made me rethink how I made some scenes, thanks so much!!

Ah yes Meph is a complete sociopathic monster...but he has a weird charisma to him..sometimes XD

Thanks for the support!
Jason Moon
oh wow, so once your a heathen you are basically their puppet. It looks like meph is setting the rules and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Wow, such a narcissistic self entitled person, speaking of his grandeur when he is such trash on the inside. And to blackmail children the way he is.....
Man you got it exactly! The heathens are under the sophists control, with the exception of some actions (the host has some control still), that'll be delved into later :)

LOL you got Meph down exactly. He's super full of himself and very much wants the world...and will do anything to get what he wants. I'm so glad you guys are picking up on the two faced theme with the characters, that's exactly what I wanted Meph to come across as. Flashy and colorful on the outside, but a monster on the inside!

Thanks so much for your support and comments dude!!
Jason Moon
"Thank you" for sharing your stories with us :)
Is Mephistopheles going to be anything like the demon from the Faust legend? Looks like here he is forcing his deal onto Gia instead of proposing a deal. Either way this has been a great and wild ride so far. I like your cliffhangers. I don't know where exactly it's going to go but I'm guessing Grand Phantasia is some sort of amusement park based off Mephistopheles' vocabulary there?
Ah great question man! He is similar to the Faust Meph and not at the same time :). Meph is an interesting character because we'll see different versions of him. The one we saw in Kese's head (without an eye scar) is actually a younger Mephistopheles, he was implanted in Kese's head at an earlier part of Meph's life. The one is Gia's head now is **semi spoiler** the Meph right before he was killed by Wolf Gang! So this Meph is the most experienced, impatient, and vicious D=

Ah yes...Meph always has very convoluted plans, that involve more than just killing...I can say even here he hasn't even revealed anything close to the scope of what he's really up to yet, but what I can say is Grand Phantasia just might be something close to a futuristic amusement park :D.

Thanks for the support sven! Hope to see you at Ch 3 :)
I had a feeling Meph was pure evil, but that last panel really cements it ^^; I feel sorry for her, she's going to have a hard time in Grand Phantasia. Can't wait for the next chapter ^3^
Hahaha YES! That's so cool that you could see a contrast here that's the goal XD.

As to if Meph is pure evil we shall see, but he is most definitely pushing that image atm! Yeah Gia is going to have it rough, but Grand Phantasia will also have some character moments for the 3 kids so...not so bad?? hehehe...

Wooh thanks for the support! See ya there :D
Been lurking this story for a while, and its great. Your character personalities are a lot of fun.
Thanks!! I'm so glad you like it =)

And i'm really glad you like the personalities, that's a big part of the story. I have to say I'm inspired by a lot of my favorite fictional personalities!
Excellent chapter ending! So Meph is basically turning Gia into an alpha for extortion purposes? That's a sound strategy, I do wonder if everyone will go along with that plan?

Also, I was wondering why Meph was wearing the mask? That is curious to show off a wound after just explaining the Alpha regeneration!

Again, excellent work on this chapter ending! It's such a sick cliffhanger! Grand Phantasia sounds super interesting! And horrifying... and terrifying... x_x
Thanks so much man!! I'm so glad you guys think the endings alright, I'm always worried about how to end these massive chapters haha.

Yup, that's definitely a big aspect of why he turned her into an Alpha heathen, he has a lot of leverage and information out of her. We'll learn a lot more about his plan in an interlude coming up can't wait :)

Thanks again! Man I'm so hyped for Grand Phantasia, it's been something I think about a lot in terms of all the plots, I hope it'll be as interesting as I find it to be :) Thanks for all the support btw!!
The chaos has just begun
We've seen .00009% of the chaos my friend XD!!
Invulnerable is indeed cool. but yeah, the catch ...and the very fact that she didn't really choose this herself :-/

...and "basically" sounds like there are exceptions, "well, basically you're invulnerable, but in this particular situation not so much" ;)

Looking forward to the next chapter, great secrets to be revealed.

What's the nature of the redos? mainly art, or also content? I noticed that the intro with good old Astaroth is gone. ..?
Exactly! She didn't get to choose this cool as it is.

And you've already seen through the invulnerability, as we'll see soon, the "invulnerability" only works in certain circumstances (guess somethings are too good to be true XD)!

Thanks so much I'm glad you're excited =D.

Ahh yes I'll have another update soon, in fact I'm debating just throwing up the redos as I finish them. But basically I'm going to redo as much as Ch 1 as I can (it's going to be mostly the same but some tweaks like Iri and Kese's flashbacks being removed for later) Also Lin will be introduced in Ch 1. It's also going to have more focus on Idiko and co as I want them to feel like the main characters off the bat =).

The prologue's an interesting case! I'm going to have a new one that will include both wolf gang and Aka Manah, and upload it like a normal chapter before Chapter 3 :). So basically I'm redoing Ch 1 for a few months, and when we return I'll upload the new prologue like a normal chapter before chapter 3! Everything that's happened so far is canon, just tweaking up who we focus on.
Wow! That last page is great. I really like that, "You'll regenerate like madness." line. XD

I have some catching up to do, but I'll be excited to see what you've got up your sleeve next.
Thanks so much man!! Hahaha I love writing Meph he's a character where I can just go completely unhinged/weird with no shame XD.

Oh man I'm hyped I hope you enjoy! And I hope you'll also enjoy what's to come :). I'm also hyped for your new comic.