Chapter 2: Page 131-134

Chapter 2: Page 131-134
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Yikes. What's got into her?

Dang. She's had a really hard day judging...

how many souls was it? Just the one kid? Huh.
Oh yeah definitely a rough day! This is her first week and she's already cracking haha.

She's sent off dozens of people today with lots of drama, but she'll remember this one the most thanks to what's gonna happen here soon ;(
wow Iri was that necessary now :/
Haha yeah she could have been nicer about it xD
poor kid.. D:
those backstories always gotta be tragic huh :((
Too bad they won't do anything to rehabilitate Keese, but would rather send a CHILD to Ruina (and separate him from his mother); a place, from what I gather is little more than a penal colony.

Of course, there IS the whole Apartheid thing going on between the races too...
You absolutely nailed it! They do have tech for rehabilitating those that would be worth the resources, but kese's just another green eye..