Chapter 2: Title Page

Chapter 2: Title Page
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Sovember 26th May 2018, 8:53 PM edit delete
News: Page coming out sometime this week! Either Monday or Wed. Also heads up for the next couple weeks gonna only be uploading 2 pages a week. Going to use one of the days to work on Live Yasha buffer and some redo/rewrite stuff for Chapter 1 (just the plane sequence)Thanks for reading, can't wait to start this chapter.

An angel spider in a wheelchair! I close?
Haha oh dang not a bad guess..obviously won't spoil, but one of those words just might be completely on track!
Dera Nuel
Whooo!! I'm really excited to see what mysteries the abyss holds.
Thanks so much man!! I cant wait to get started on it either! the abyss is gonna be a massive part of the story and this will be the first of many escapades :)
Jason Moon
Badass cover Sovember. Love riddles, kind of a creepy vibe from this page
Thanks so much man! Oh yeah there'll be riddles right out of the gate...and LOTS of creepiness xD
Oooh, Oooh! I know the answer to that riddle! It's Idiko!

Excellent title page btw! Can't help but notice Meph makes two appearances on it!
You guys are making some great guesses here on such lil info xD. i think i can say the riddle answer will be...interesting lolol. Thanks!!

Yeah Meph and tara might be gettin some of that development this chapter, if you look his second appearance is a bit...younger :D